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Mondays at The Echo
Mike TV booking bands you'll like
Tuesdays at Mr. T's Bowl open mike!
Monday - August 4
at The Scence Bar(Glendale)
806 E. Colorado Blvd.
Gram Rabbit @10pm

at The House of Blues $10 bucks @ the door
7:00pm sharp!
The DOllyrots
400 Blows
Go Betty Go

Tuesday - August 5
at The Lava Lounge
1533 LaBrea @Sunset
Gram Rabbit @11pm
Wednesday - August 6
 at Molly Malones
Merle Jagger
9:00 pm
575 S. Fairfax Ave
(323) 935-1577
$5 at the door

Look at all the bands that have rocked us until the wee hours. That's over 150 bands! Impressed? You should be. Launchpad started over 3 years ago as one night a week at Mr T's. It's now grown into 4 nights a week at 3 different venues.

Can you handle this much original independant music? Get off your butt and come to a show!

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If you found your way here then odds are that you have already heard about Launchpad and are probably a part of our scene. You've probably jumped up and down to Arlo at Launchpad East at Mr. T's, or you've been entranced by the melodies of New Bethel at Launchpad West at the Good Hurt (formerly The Billiard Inn). There is a good chance that you've made music on the stage with us, or laughed with us, or stumbled drunk out the front doors at 2am with us.

Launchpad is so much more than a nite at Mr. T's or the Good Hurt. Launchpad is home to the music scene that we have been a part of for nearly three years.

In that time, we have shared the stage with hundreds of bands, and have grown from a little Tuesday night where the bands played for the bar flys and friends to a thriving community with over fifty active bands on our unofficial roster.

If you've never been to a Launchpad then you may be surprised to discover that the vibe feels a lot like family only it is much, much louder. Our doors are forever open to new music and new faces. We draw no distinction between the bands who play and the people who listen. Every person is a contributor, and it belongs to us all.

Mr T's Bowl
The Echo

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