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From: "Gus Hudson" <>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 01:54:40 -0700
Subject: [Launch Pad Mailing List] Mr. T's Bowl horror

>On May 11th, Saturday, early into The Humpers set at Mr. T's Bowl ,
> head of security  Frank was stabbed 8 times by
>an unidentified white male assailant in his twenties. The show was
>cancelled and the police and paramedics were called in. The rampage
>when this unidentified man started trouble in the bar area, hassling
>customers as well as a table full of skinheads. A fight broke out and
>unidentified man went flying into a violent frenzy, trying to throw a
>stool at the 86 year old owner/operator- Mr. T, as well as throwing
blows at
>anyone in his immediate path. Booking manager, Rick Collins and Frank
>into the melee to try to break it up. Frank had subdued the unidentified
>and was ejecting him from the club when the stabbing occurred. Two
>had witnessed the event. Frank was stabbed 8 times and remains in stable
>condition at County Medical where he is facing the loss of one eye. He
>medical insurance and is in need of help. Meanwhile, there is no report
>the whereabouts of the unidentified assailant. He was last seen fleeing
>the crime scene on foot wearing a black Necrophilac t-shirt. There is
>shock and horror among the Mr. T's patrons and we are facing a possible
>of another rock'n'roll venue due to the thoughtless and plain stupid
>of a man who has basically ruined the lives of more people than he can
>imagine. If you have any information leading to the arrest and
conviction of
>the unidentified man, please contact the LAPD Northeast division. If you
>would like to show your support for Frank and urge the continuation of
>rock'n'roll events at Mr. T's, please contact 323-256-7561 or
>will be turning my birthday show into a benefit show for Frank's bills,
>information to follow.- Miss Namella J. Kim

>Hey there has been corrections to the description of the stabber. He is
>his early twenties, light skinned Hispanic, wearing a Necromantix shirt,
>drives a primered 50's bomb (Merc or Ford?), came to the show with
>Hispanic male in Swingin' Utters shirt and a white male in Rancid shirt,
>both believed to be in their early twenties. Thanks for passing on the
>information.   Ms. Namella J. Kim 400 Paula Ave., #317 Glendale, CA
>(818)243-7863 cell (818) 424-9794


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